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Film House



“Le France” film-house is a cultural facility with two theatres that have been classified as experimental. Our goal is to promote high-quality films by outstanding directors. We show films for adults and films for children, both topical films and historic classics.

“Le France” is a member of Europa Cinema whose policy is to act in favour of European films with a view to enabling them to stand against the overpowering American cinema industry.

“Le France” sets up many special sessions for school-children (from kindergarten age-level) and for university students and also takes action in favour of spectators with special needs.

What’s more, together with its two film theatres, “Le France” also runs a cinema library, with a large selection of books, magazines and documents which are produced on a regular basis for students and researchers.

Last but not least, this cultural facility is run by a non-profit-making association employing some ten workers.